introducing  the latest in GPS and tracking technology 


  • ​​​​Construction / demolition machines

  • Agricultrual 

  • Genorators large /small 

  • Machine attachments 

Machine Tracking 

We are able to place a tracker in or on any machine as a temporary tracking solution.

What we are able to do

  • Track you machine for 2-3 months on a single charge.

  • Geo-fence an area so we will be alerted if your machine goes out of a certain area.

  • Monitor the location of a machine 24/7  in real time.

  • Contact police as soon as a tracker has left a geo-fenced area and give them an up to date location of the whereabouts of the machine/plant.

  • No mess! Our device is a self-contained unit that is inconspicuous. You won't even know it is a GPS tracker and there is no need for drilling or wiring. 

Example of a geo-fenced zone

We are able to monitor each devices vital applications and operating systems such as:

  • GPS signal strength 

  • Battery life 

  • Odometer  

  • Power

  • GSM signal strength


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